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Hear What Others Have to Say

I'm a hiker who suffered from progressive knee pain. I began questioning if I could accomplish my planned 107 mile Mont Blanc hike. With Kelli's guidance and programming, my knee has been pain free while running and I feel stronger on my all my training hikes. I'm now confident going into my big adventure.

Diane Budden

When I started with Kelli, I needed to use my hands to get out of my desk chair, struggled with my balance, felt weak and run down.  After 7 weeks following Kelli's program, I can stand without assistance and climb up stairs without holding the handrail. The annoying intermittent pain in my left hip that kept me awake at night is gone! I have more stamina and less fogginess.

Barbara Haluschak

Working with Kelli has been a great experience. I needed help setting up exercises using my home equipment.  Along came Kelli! She has put together multiple routines including corrective, stabilization, strengthening, and cardio workouts.  She has also helped me with my diet.  At week 9/12, I have taken off 8 inches and dropped 6 pounds. I'm lean and toned!

Peggy Osborne

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